A loving story about growing and learning life lessons for the young reader

Why did I write this book?

My beloved wife suffered a terrible Traumatic Brain Injury in 2010 that resulted in her medical retirement from teaching. She was having a tough time, so I retired as well to care for her. She inspired me to become a teacher in the first place, and we had enjoyed 8 years together teaching in the same High School. I miss interacting with the students; especially teaching life lessons beyond the scope of a lesson plan. So, during our 1700 mile motorcycle trip back in 2012, the idea of Hammy (my wife's actual stuffed piggy rider) and Olive Pearl (the official paint color name on my wife's Softail Deluxe) came to me as characters. One sad item to report is that our cat, Charlotte, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past August (2019) just ten days short of her 23rd. birthday. We rescued her when she was 7 and enjoyed 16 years together.

My Community

There aren't many motorcycle-themed books out there for kids let alone one filled with positive messages. Here are a couple of interesting book reviews: https://motorcycleviews.com/books/theadventuresofolivepearl.htm 



Join My Journey

Contact me directly if you'd like a hardcopy of the book.  Cover price is $15.99, but I will sign yours, dedicate it to anyone you'd like, and ship it anywhere U.S. for only $12.00!  Send requests to: iownafatcat@aol.com